Amber, Jack and Bella

Amber, Jack and Bella
Amber, Jack and Bella

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's so long since I've been here, I have a whole new baby!

I am very, very bad at blogging.  I think I might have to have a little revamp of the whole blog in the hope that it will get me going with things a bit more.  But it's November, and I haven't been here since May, so I figured it was about time I introduced my third (and last!) beautiful baby.

Bella Rose was born on 15th July 2011, at 22:44pm.  She weighed 10lb 5oz.  Although I started off at home (planned all three births at home but only my second was actually a homebirth) I eventually made the decision to go into hospital as things weren't progressing at home, and decided to stay in for the birth.  Bella is 4 months old now (18 weeks today!) and is a little star - such a smiley, happy baby.  Although right now she's starting to look for milk I think, so I'd best cut this short and just post a few photos...

On the ward, a few hours old...

Meeting Amber and Jack...

First smiles, at just 1.5 DAYS old!

8 weeks old, more gorgeous by the day...

and a more recent photo, taken a week or so ago:

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Once again, I'm guilty of not updating this blog anything like as often as I mean to.  Sooo, what's happened recently...

Amber got a place at our first choice school which is just fabulous news -  It's a lovely school with a great atmosphere and an outstanding Ofsted so I'm hopeful that she'll be really happy there, and will do really well.  Fingers crossed!

We've also just come back from a week in Portpatrick, on the west coast of Scotland.  The kids had a blast - Amber's favourite thing was when the fairies left her a present in the garden of the house we were staying at... Jack's favourite thing was the Bob the Builder DVD I bought him [weep]...

They loved the seaside...

...and the playgrounds...

...went on a bear hunt in a magic fairy forest...

...ate ice cream (don't ask why Grandma and Grandad look so grumpy, I don't know!)...

...and had hours of fun playing in the fabulous garden of the house we stayed in...

...Portpatrick, we'll be back!

In other news I'm now almost 34 weeks pregnant with 'Waffle', Amber is SO excited bless her, and even Jack is talking about it more and more (when he's not talking about Bob the Builder!) 

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Amberina Ballerina!

So, a few terms ago Amber and Jack's nursery started offering Baby Ballet classes on site, during the day.  I signed them both up, at first Amber was really reluctant and always used to tell me she didn't want to go to ballet (but would then go when the staff came around to collect her) so when the second term came around, I wasn't sure what to do.  In the end I left it open - I asked the staff to see how Amber felt when it was time for the first session of the second term.  If she went, I'd sign her up, if she didn't I wouldn't bother.

Well, she went.  And not long after, I bumped into her Baby Ballet teacher who told me that Amber was like a different girl suddenly, she really seemed to be enjoying herself.  Jack was enjoying his sessions too but he was so young that it more just a case of running around to the music whereas Amber really seemed to be enjoying learning the dancing.  I went to watch when they had an open session - I was worried that Amber wouldn't join in if I was there but she was just brilliant, lots of the other girls were messing around and there was a bit of pushing and shoving going on but my girl was concentrating so hard, it was so cute!  Check out the gorgeous pointed toes (sorry about the scary blacked out faces on the other kids!)

And then, a week or so ago, Amber was in her first Baby Ballet show.  I was a bit worried before it started as she hadn't wanted to join in her nursery Christmas show a few months earlier... but I shouldn't have doubted my little ballerina for a second - she was the star of the show!  Here are a few photos (sorry they're rubbish, I took them on my phone and it was pretty dark)...

Amber starts school in September so she won't be able to go to the classes at nursery anymore but has already asked to go to 'big girl ballet classes'.  She wants to try tap too.  At home, all she ever wants to do is put on her ballet clothes and dance... we may have a future ballet star on our hands!

There is more information about Baby Ballet on their website: - Amber's class is run by Leeds Central and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Like they've just stepped out of a salon...

The kids had their hair cut - it was Jack's first, and he LOVED it.  Here they are, each showing off their new 'do'!

Jack turns 2!

I am SO late posting this!  Our handsome boy turned two on 26th Feb.  He had such a lovely day and was very excited by his presents, although he didn't quite seem to understand that Santa hadn't bought them for him!

We filled the stairway with balloons for him to find when he woke up...

...followed by a pile of pressies in the living room where Mummy was waiting with her camera.  Cue much excitement, running and flapping of arms!

We had my parents, sister and Grandma around in the afternoon for a bit of a party tea and of course some birthday cake...

Happy birthday gorgeous Jack!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Another baby is on the way!


Again it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I blogged but it's time to go public here and announce that our third baby, 'Waffle' is due in July.  The pregnancy has had a bit of a dodgy start, with a partial placental abruption at 12 weeks causing lots of worry, but thankfully at our 20 week scan everything looked ok again.  Well done Waffle!

Here are some scan photos of our new little one...

9 weeks:

12 weeks:

14 weeks 6 days (showing the placenta and partial abruption)

19 weeks 6 days - all healed!

In other news - we're still waiting on the outcome of Amber's school application (fingers crossed!) and the jewellery business has fallen by the wayside a bit with everything else that's going on.  There will be more to come from JimJams - but not right now!


Thursday, 18 November 2010

We've chosen a school :-)

Sooo I've not posted in AGES.  Sorry about that!  So much has been going on, I've had a couple of craft fairs to get ready for, work, the kids and my OU course... and of course the big decision about which school to put Amber forward for.

We've finally made the decision after visiting our two closest Catholic schools.  Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that we get a place!

This is where we want to send her:

We looked around yesterday, it seems like a lovely school with a great atmosphere - of the three Catholic schools local to us, it's the only one I didn't go to myself as a child.  For that reason I expected to prefer the other one we looked at (which I did go to), but while it is a great school, something about St Urban's just seemed more 'us' somehow.

I'll have to get over my uniform snobbery though - I really wanted a school with a tie, and have picked the only option that doesn't have one!