Amber, Jack and Bella

Amber, Jack and Bella
Amber, Jack and Bella

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's so long since I've been here, I have a whole new baby!

I am very, very bad at blogging.  I think I might have to have a little revamp of the whole blog in the hope that it will get me going with things a bit more.  But it's November, and I haven't been here since May, so I figured it was about time I introduced my third (and last!) beautiful baby.

Bella Rose was born on 15th July 2011, at 22:44pm.  She weighed 10lb 5oz.  Although I started off at home (planned all three births at home but only my second was actually a homebirth) I eventually made the decision to go into hospital as things weren't progressing at home, and decided to stay in for the birth.  Bella is 4 months old now (18 weeks today!) and is a little star - such a smiley, happy baby.  Although right now she's starting to look for milk I think, so I'd best cut this short and just post a few photos...

On the ward, a few hours old...

Meeting Amber and Jack...

First smiles, at just 1.5 DAYS old!

8 weeks old, more gorgeous by the day...

and a more recent photo, taken a week or so ago:

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  1. Ah so cute, Congratulations. I took a long time off blogging after a separation so don't worry ;-) You have a lovely family Emma, it's nice to meet you xx